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Investor Relations

Investors share in the growth and success of the business. Current investors are generating wealth from both real estate investments and luxury rental vehicle services. Resources are smartly allocated to maximize investor wealth.


SxRental offers risk-free investments to help you achieve your financial goals. The company beats all normal saving and investment rates.  You assume zero risk, while you reap the benefits of a smart investment. 


SxRental deploys various business strategies to guarantee the safety of your investment. The company leverage both assets and profits to ensure that investors only experience gains and avoid losses. This risk-free investment opportunity has driven the company's growth, while simultaneously benefiting all investors. 

Modern Kitchen
New Acquisition!

The SxRental is seeking to expand via acquisition. Executives are actively working to purchase an existing, profitable business. 


The acquisition will enable further SxRental's growth in the real estate industry. Numerous growth opportunities are outlined in the business proposal.


Key Notes:

Target: Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling Company

(Name hidden due to Non-Disclosure Agreement)


Purchase Price: $575,900

Opportunity: Commercial Applications & Market Expansion

An investment of  $10,000 is required to become an investor.  Investors have a set return between 10-15%.

An investment of  $30,000 or greater is required to become an equity partner.  Equity partners share operational profits and receive a guaranteed minimum return of 5% with no max limit for profit.

Risk-Free Investments

   Escalating guaranteed annual returns.*
       Year 1- 8%   Year 2- 9%   Year 3- 10%

  • Dividends awarded annually**

  • Investments can be withdrawn after 1 year

  • Max risk free period- 3 years


$10,000 invested for 'Year 1' will net a 8% ROI of $830.

Plus dividends (minimum of $500, no maximum). 'Year 1" dividend is $900. Total 'Year 1' ROI is $1730 (17.3%).

If all returns are reinvested with the principal for 3 years and dividends increase by $100 annually, the total ROI will be $6,378. 

Result: $16,378 (64% ROI)

*Interest is compounded monthly. 

**Dividends are 10-15% of company profit shared by large investors. Subject to business performance.

Return on investment- ROI Investors receive a quarterly performance update


White Wall

How is Zero Risk Even Possible?

Image by Peter Broomfield

Leverage Business Assets

Sharing Profits

Business Profit Sharing


Increase market share


Cost reduction

Pay cuttest

Executive pay reduction

Investors Sharing

Limited opportunity

Shelf Top

How Do I Invest?


Sign relevant legal documents


Purchase your investment package


Watch your investment grow


Collect profits during the withdrawal period

Get Started

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