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Sunrise: September 7, 1959

Sunset:  February 13, 2021

This page is dedicated to the late Claudette Williams (Carol). She passed away peacefully at home on February 13, 2021. Claudette has touched many lives through her love, kindness, and warm spirit. The travel bans caused by COVID-19 will limit attendance at her service. While you may not be able to attend the service, you still can participate by leaving photos or final words. The photos collected here will be shown throughout the service. 


Simply click the donate button below if you wish to assist with final expenses. Thank you!

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Tiny Stars


I met Ms. Claudette July 2014 at my sister's wedding to her son Mark. We made an instant connection.  Once I found out that we live 15 minutes from each other the rest was history. She was like a aunt to me. I could call and talk to her about anything.  Funny enough we even had a similar personality.  Ms. Claudette was genuinely a good person.  I miss her dearly.  I am so happy that I was able to tell her how much she means to me. I am really going to miss our talks and visits.

Fay H.

I want let you how I met Ms. Claudette. I was admitted in the hospital in 2010 and a friend Sandra and Claudette show up. I didn't knew her but the moment I met her my Spirit was connected her, The pure Love that comes from her ❤️. I couldn't come to visit her but I would sent greetings and let her know I am praying for her. Ms. Claudette will be missed dearly.  May she sleep in peace until we meet again.

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